Pricing for all Kind of Image Clipping Path Services

Clipping path

Basic Clipping path - $1

$1.00Add to cart

Multiple Clipping path - $3

$3.00Add to cart

Simple Clipping path - $1

$1.00Add to cart

Supper Complex Clipping path - $6

$6.00Add to cart

Complex Clipping path - $2

$2.00Add to cart

Color Enhance/Correction - $2

$2.00Add to cart

Cropping & Resizing - $1

$1.00Add to cart


Color Mask - $2.50

$2.50Add to cart

Ghost Mannequin Editing - $1

$1.00Add to cart


Commercial Edit - $5

$5.00Add to cart


Headshot/Photo Retouching - $4

$4.00Add to cart


Raster To Vector - $4

$4.00Add to cart


Background remove - $4

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Shadow Service - $1.50

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Which image formats do you accept?

With our online photo editing platform, we work with different image formats. Mostly, we’ll handle JPG, PNG, GIF and PSD formats. Also, if you’ve for any other image format in mind, feel free to contact us.

What is is an online photo editing platform. We basically handle any kind of photo editing tasks ranging from ecommerce editing to photo resizing. Our goal is to create a personal and trustworthy relationship with our clients in order to ensure smooth workflow and save you the time and hassle of getting the best photos for your products or services.

In what formats will I get the final processed image in?

We’ll be returning the processed images in JPG, PNG, GIF or PSD formats. If you’ve got any other format in mind, please do feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How does the professional photo editing services work?

Our online photo editing platform is quite straight forward and transparent. To get started, all you’ll have to do is make a quotation. You’ll be required to fill out you’re name and/or your company name, the email address, the preferred turnaround time etc. and a description of what you’d like us to do for you.

How long will it take for you to complete my task?

Picking of from our previous point, one of the things we’ll need you to be specific on is the turnaround time. Depending on the urgency of your task, you can receive your processed file in as little time as an hour or 24 hours.

Do I get to have a say in the editing process?

When it comes down to getting the job done, will be working hand in hand with you in every single step of the photo editing services. One of the things that makes us stand out of the crowd is the level of transparency of our services. You’ll not only save yourself the hassle of having to do the photo editing yourself but you’ll also get to know whichever changes we make whenever you want to.

How to I share and receive the files?

Since we’re all about getting the job done as fast as possible, we’ve made the file sharing process quite fast and simple.
As you make the quotation during the file upload process, there’s an option to select the file to upload. Simply choose the file that’s to be worked on from your computer and that’s it, all you’ll have to do is leave all the heavy lifting to us.
Once we’re done with the editing process, we’re going to email you the final processed copy that you’ll definitely be pleased with

What’s the guarantee that you’ll get the job done?

You’ll be working with the best of the best in the field of online photo editing and to ensure that you get the job done perfectly right, our skilled team of experts will be using the best photo editing tools such as photoshop, photoshop lightroom, photoshop CC just to mention but a few.
We’re also time conscious and will deliver the required task just when you need it. your utmost satisfaction is indeed our prime priority

Will my photos be safe?

Any photos we receive are only shared between us and our clients. There are no third parties involved in the editing process as we do not outsource our tasks.
If you’re worried about who owns the rights of the edited photos, we’ll be delivering the photos to our clients with the full buyout once the payment is completed. We don’t claim any copyright to your images regardless of how much editing we’ve done to it. you’ll basically be responsible for using the images either privately or publicly.

Can you change the background of my images?

We do offer extensive services with one of the best being background removal. This involves altering or completely removing the present background of your image which can be quite handy especially in ecommerce editing

Do you handle image resizing?

Yes, we do offer image resizing. The best part about it is that the process is done without the image quality being diminished. It basically entails making the image larger or smaller.
Alongside image resizing is the image cropping process. The cropping process as well still does ensure the image quality is not diminished.

Do you offer ecommerce editing?

A picture does describe a thousand words indeed. The picture you have on your ecommerce account can either make or break your business.
We do offer ecommerce editing and with the prowess of our employees coupled up with the best photo editing tools, you’ll definitely get the best ecommerce editing done for you. Simply fill out the quotation to get started.

Do you work with individuals or businesses?

As you fill out the quotation, there’s an option to fill out your company name. This however doesn’t mean that we’re restricted to working with companies alone. You can entrust us with your own photo and get it edited just the way you like it.

Do you offer the free trial services?

Just in case it’s your first time working with us, there’s the free trial option for you. We’ll be accepting 3 to 5 photos in order to enjoy the free trial service.
You should know that the free trial service is going to be equally as good as the paid services. your utmost satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Do you offer raster to vector conversion?

No need to worry about this, we normally accept a lot of file formats such as PNG, JPEG and Bitmap images and then go on to convert either of these to a scalable vector file such as EPS, CDR or AI. In the case of raster to vector conversion, you’ll definitely be pleased with the unmatched level of quality we’ll give you.